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Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. It was established in 1986 to preserve the coastal woodland ecosystem of the Western Ghats. The sanctuary spans over 6,979 hectares of forest, grasslands, and wetlands. If you're planning a trip to Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary or any of thean beaches, Gagangiri Tours and Travels-Mumbai can provide you with tour packages, hotel bookings, and car rental services.




The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is a highly recommended destination for those with an interest in wildlife. Positioned approximately 140 km from Mumbai, the sanctuary boasts four primary trails that guide visitors through its most noteworthy areas, including the main waterholes and open grasslands. Notably, the "Sacred Grove" (Devrai) located near Supegaon is a must-see attraction, as are the natural water sources known as "Gaan". Access to the sanctuary is conveniently available by road from Murud-Janjira and Roha, with the nearest rail head being Roha.

Floral diversity

The sanctuary boasts a diverse range of flora, with evergreen forests on the hilltops and dry deciduous forests on the slopes The evergreen forests are home to An and Phansada trees, while the dry deciduous forests are home to a variety of trees such as ain, kinjal, teak, hirda, jamba, mango, and various ficus species. In total, the sanctuary is home to 710 species of plants, including 179 species of trees, 66 shrubs, and 141 herbs.c. 

Faunal diversity

Located in the Western Ghats, the sanctuary boasts a diverse range of fauna, including the Indian giant squirrel, 16 species of mammals, over 200 species of birds, 17 reptiles, 47 insects, and 27 marine invertebrates. Notably, the critically endangered White-rumped vulture (Gyps bengalensis) can also be found within the sanctuary's boundaries.nctuary




JenJon Wood County Phansad

Address-near Phansad Bird Sanctuary, Kharkhardi, Maharashtra 402201

Aranya Phansad Resort

Address-Roha, Road, Revdanda, Kharkhardi, Maharashtra 402109

Shree Ganesh Farm House Kashid Beach

Address-Revdanda - Murud Rd, Kashid, Maharashtra 402202

Rs 5148/-

Mango Heights

Address-Roha, Tale, Maharashtra 402109

Red Stone Farm House

Address-Murud Rajpuri, Road, Kashid, Maharashtra 402401

The Kandeel Resort

Address-Alibaug, Revdanda - Murud Rd, Donde Tarf Nandgaon, Maharashtra 402401

La Mer

Address-80, Kashid Beach Resort Road, Kashid, Maharashtra 402202

V Resorts Aranya Kashid

Address-Unnamed Road, Roha, Maharashtra 402109

Mahua Bag

Address-Mumbai to Mahua Bagh is 135 kms. It is 10 kms short of Murud.

Aranya At Phansad Resort, Kharkhardi

Address-Roha, Revdanda - Murud Rd, Kharkhardi

Rs 5000/-

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