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Bhigwan is a town situated on the border of Ahmednagar, Pune, and Solapur districts in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is renowned for its birdwatching and wildlife photography opportunities, particularly for the observation of flamingos. If you are considering a weekend retreat to Bhigwan, Gagangiri Tours and Travel can offer you accommodation and car rental services to enhance your experience.



Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, also known as mini Bharatpur, is a must-visit destination for bird enthusiasts. Located on the Pune-Solapur Highway, around 100km from Pune, the sanctuary is situated on the backwaters of the Ujani Dam. The shallow wetland created by the dam's water is home to a variety of birds, making it an important hotspot for both amateur and avid birders.


Bhigwan is a birdwatcher's paradise, with over 230 species of migratory birds present during the winter season. Flamingos, ducks, herons, egrets, raptors, and waders can be spotted, including the Indian spot-billed duck, Shovellers, and Garganeys. However, low rainfall and water levels have reduced the birds' numbers.

Flamingos in Bhigwan

The backwaters of Ujjani Dam in Bhigwan are home to a variety of beautiful birds, including the greater flamingo, Eurasian spoonbill, bar-headed goose, collared pratincole, and osprey. It's also a great place to spot the fastest bird in the animal kingdom, the peregrine falcon. Don't miss the chance to witness these stunning creatures in their natural habitat.

White Wagtail

Bhigwan is a diverse ecosystem that is home to a variety of wildlife. The dry grasslands, woodlands, swamps, wetlands, and backwaters provide habitats for many species of fish, amphibians, lizards and snakes. It's a unique and fascinating place to explore for nature enthusiasts.


Bhigwan, a popular birding destination, can be reached by State Transport Buses bound for Solapur and onwards from Pune, taking around 3.5 hours. Visitors can also travel in their own vehicles or take train from Pune. The main birding spots are located 5 to 10 km away from Bhigwan's main town. For those looking to reach Solapur from Bhigwan quickly, a taxi ride takes approximately 2.5 hours. Additionally, Bhigwan is approximately 25 km away from Baramati.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Bhigwan is between the months of December and March. Flamingos prefer the winter season as they require water-bodies of shallow depths for fishing. There are several village home-stays for tourists.


Suyash Palace Lodge

Address- On, Solapur - Pune Hwy, near Nayara Energy Petrolpump, Bhigwan, Swami Chincholi, Maharashtra 413130

Rs 2205/-

Hotel Ujani Fish

Address- Solapur - Pune Hwy, Madanwadi, Bhigwan, Maharashtra 413130

Hotel Flamingo Resort

Address- Solapur - Pune Hwy, Bhigwan, Maharashtra 413133


Address- Bhigwan, Maharashtra 413130

Baramati Club

Address- Sayali hill, Bhigwan Road, Bhigwan Rd, Shiva Nagar, Baramati, Maharashtra 413102 

Rs 2556/-

Golden Palms Resort

Address- Khadaki, Maharashtra 413802

The Royal Inn

Address- Sikachi Icon, Niranjan Corner, Bhigwan Road, Baramati, Maharashtra 413102

Captain Lodge

Address- Cinema Road, opp. Mota Garments, Dist, Baramati, Maharashtra 413102

Rs 2912/-

Hotel Aryan Residency Bhigwan (Madanwadi)

Address- Baramati Road, Bhigwan, Maharashtra 413130

Hotel City Inn

Address- city centre, Sahakar Chowk, Daund, Maharashtra 413801

Hotel Vihaan

Address- Solapur - Pune Hwy, Bhigwan, Swami Chincholi, Maharashtra 413130

Hotel Surya

Address- Plot No C -88, Opposite to schribber Dynamix Dairy, Pencil Chowk, Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation Area, Baramati, Maharashtra 413133

Rs 1550/-

Arjun Pride Hotel

Address- Above Bank of Maharashtra, Near Vanaz LPG Gas, Off Vidya Pratishthan, MIDC Baramati, Baramati, Maharashtra 413102

Rs 1091/-

Hotel V Bharat Residency

Address- MH SH 68, Shiva Nagar, Baramati, Maharashtra 413102

Sai Inn Lodge

Address- Sandeep Corner, Road, near MRF Tyre, Baramati Midc, Baramati, Bhigwan, Maharashtra 413133

Rs 1306/-


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