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 Kaas Plateau, also known as Kaas Pathar in Satara. It's great to know that it has been recognized as a "World Natural Heritage Site" by UNESCO. If you're planning to visit this stunning location, Gagangiri Tours and Travels can arrange regular tour packages upon request.



Biodiversity of Kass Pathar

The Kas plateau region has a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Kas is a biodiversity hotspot. The plateau is famous for the variety of wildflowers and butterflies that bloom from August to October. With more than 850 species of flowers found on the Kas plateau, 624 of them are listed in Red Data Book-II. Notably, 39 of these species are found only on the Kas Plateau.

The best time to visit Kass Pathar in Satara

While planning a visit to Kass Plateau, one must keep in mind the importance of timing. The primary flowering season begins in August and lasts until mid-October, during which the flowers gradually change their hues. One can witness the enchanting transformation as the colors change from yellow and purple to pink and white. It is a captivating sight of a variety of flower species displaying their exquisite beauty. Before planning your trip, it is important to consider the local weather forecast and the peak blooming season. Numerous rare species of flowers can be seen during this particular period.

How to Reach Kass Pathar?

The beauty of Kas Pathar in Satara comes alive during monsoons, due to the enchanting flowers that bloom during this season. This is how you can plan a short trip to Kas to reduce the monotony of your regular city life. Those who have previously taken a road trip from Mumbai or Pune to Kas know firsthand that it is an unforgettable experience.

By Road

In Maharashtra, Kas is 30 km from Satara and 25 km from Mahabaleshwar. The distance between Pune and Kas Plateau is 136 km, which is covered in 2.5 to 3.5 hours by travelling through NH4. The distance from Mumbai is 278 km. It takes about 5 hours to reach Kas Plateau by car using Mumbai-Pune Expressway NH4.

From both Mumbai and Pune, you have to drive to Satara on NH4. Then we have to change the route from Satara for another 22 km. This road trip will remain forever in the memory. The only reason for this is the last ascent of the Kaas Plateau Valley. It is a beautiful sight and one of the most scenic road trips in India. If you decide to go by bus, there are numerous overnight buses from Mumbai to Satara to suit all budgets.

By rail By Train

You can take the “Koyna Express” from Mumbai to Satara, local auto-rickshaws are available for hire to take you from the railway station to Kas Plateau or you can take a bus from the railway station to Satara S.T Depot.

By Plane

Kas can be reached as soon as possible by flying to Pune. Then one can reach Kaas Plateau by road NH4.

Kass Pathar Distance

Kass Pathar From Your Place Distance Kass Pathar From Your Place Distance

Nearest railway station Satara32 km Nearest airport is Pune140 km

Satara to Kaspathar22 km Mahabaleshwar to Kaspathar45 km

Mumbai to Kaspathar279 km Pune to Kaspathar136 km

Kolhapur to Kaspathar143 km Bangalore to Kaspathar749 km

Goa to Kaspathar353 km Ratnagiri to Kaspathar213 km

Sangli to Kaspathar142 km Hyderabad to Kaspathar547 km

Chennai to Kaspathar1112 km


Heritage wadi

Address- Kaas Road, Atali, Maharashtra 415001  

Nature Plateau Paradise

Address- Atali, Satara Kaas, Kaas Road, Maharashtra 415002  

Kaasai Resort:

New Kaas Lake Road, Kas, Maharashtra 415013

Sarapanchwada Resort Kas

At – Atali Parambe Phata, Kaas Road 

Swapnnagari Kas Hill Resort

Address- Kaas Pathar Road, Anawale, 415 002, Satara, Maharashtra

Rs 1872/-

The Red Fort Resort

Address- Kas, Pathar Road, Satara, Maharashtra 415013

Rs 2496/-

Kaas Woods Resort | Best Resort in Satara | Top Resort in Kaas Pathar

Address- Near, Post-Yavateshwar, Kass- Satara Road, Taluka-Satara, 415002, Yavateshwar, Maharashtra 415001

Rs 3182/-

The 20's Resort

Address- Urmodi backwaters, Nitral, Katavadi bk, Maharashtra 415013

Rs 3221

Brownstone Resort

Address- At.Vengale (Waghera, Tapola Rd, Taluka, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806

Rs 9600


Address- Kaas Road, Atali, Maharashtra 415001

Rs 7727/-


Address- Munawale, Maharashtra 415013

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