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Wow, have you heard about Dudhsagar waterfall? It's absolutely breathtaking! Standing tall at approximately 310 meters and a width of 30 meters, it's one of the top 100 highest waterfalls in the world. And guess what? Gagangiri Tours and Travels can take care of all your travel needs, from hotel stays to transport arrangements, so you can experience this wonder of nature for yourself!



              Dudhsagar Falls, also known as the Sea of Milk, is a stunning four-tiered waterfall located in the Indian state of Goa. While it may not be as impressive during the dry season, the falls come to life during the monsoon season, creating a breathtaking sheet of water. The surrounding deciduous forests are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

Dudhsagar trek

There has been a lot of hype about Dudhsagar trek being closed to the general public. The Dudhsagar railway trek has been officially closed to the general public but the trek to the Dudhsagar falls bottom is still open to all.[5]

There are two routes to reach there. One is starting the trek from Kulem and following the jeep trail until the bottom of the waterfall. The second option is via the railway track which is roughly around 11 km. This trek is not allowed by the Government of Goa ( Forest Department) as it is very risky being on a railway track with minimum safety. Anyone trekking along the Railway trek can be heavily fined and can even land you in Jail as the same is now an offence under the Railway regulations. You can trek up to the Sonaulim station and join back to the Mud route. This route would save 2 km on the Mud road. During the monsoon season, it is mandatory to hire a guide and get a life jacket in order to start the trek, otherwise, entry inside the forest is restricted because the area experiences extremely heavy rainfall, and the water displacement around the fall is potentially very large, so it is always better to carry a life jacket. It is advisable not to venture into the water at the base of the fall during monsoon as the flow of the water is very fast & dangerous.

The best time to visit the fall is between October and May as the access to the fall is open for the Jeep. This jeep can be hired from the local Dudhsagar Jeep Association counter at Collem. You have to pay as much as Rs. 500 per person for a jeep ride and maximum of seven people in one jeep. This jeep will take you to the base of the fall. You will have to pay entry fees to the department of forest to enter their area as this Falls comes under their jurisdiction. You get maximum of one & half hours to spend at the fall before you return to the jeep you came by. The same jeep will then drop you back to Collem for your onward Journey. The Jeep safari is extremely fun and adventurous as there are chances of you seeing Wildlife on the way.


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